Bobby & Fritz and Coffee Fellows corner shop

Client: Arbora
Services: Retail Design


Installed in a shopping center, Bobby & Fritz and Coffee Fellows corner shop gives the opportunity to customers to have a treat on the go while doing their shopping.

80m2 to implement 2 brands : Bobby & Fritz and Coffee Fellows. Challenges were to create a strong visual impact for those 2 brands with 2 distinctive designs and to manage floor set up to allow both good customerexperience and good employees work experience. We delivered a good solution by a good management of space allowing easy access to pick up areas, small resting areas for customers and a shared storage area for those 2 brands. An overall dark ceiling links both brands identities to enhance a strong visual impact.

Coffee Fellows


True to its motto “FEEL AT HOME”, Coffee Fellows makes everyday life easier for its customers in cosy and stylishly furnished cafés. Distinguishing itself from other Coffeeshops not only with its aromatic coffee beans, but also with its bagels prepared according to the customer’s wishes in front of the customers. The Feel at home atmosphere is enhanced by warm & naturel materials in a industrial like brasserie style.